Are Celebrity Magazine Editors Killing Off Titles?  


Are celeb magazines about to become a thing of the past? Do they still find a place in the readers’ hearts? How can editorial teams encourage people to buy they magazines? Where can merchants get a reliable and affordable magazine sales merchant account to grow their business? This article will help you with all this.

US Magazine Industry: Magazine Sales Merchant Account

Magazine retail sales in the US fell from nearly 103 million at the end of 2014 to almost 75 million by the end of 2016. Americans spent, on average, 18 minutes reading magazines each day in 2010. Online content has created an immense competition in the field, so some magazines showcase their content on online platforms as well.

Print is expected to make up the majority of magazine advertising spending in the years to come. Thisyear,print magazine advertising spending is anticipated to account for$15.23 billion. As forthe digital magazine advertising, the spend is projected to make up$4.34 billion during the mentioned period.

According to ABC circulation data reported in August, only Bella had an increase in its circulation. Closer (176k), Heat (118k), OK! (154k), New (160k), Star (94k), Reveal (82k), and Now fell sharply. Now hasdropped by 42% since the February audit, having just some 50.000 copies a week.

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How to Keep Your Celeb Magazine Alive

The large number of titles on offer speaks of less loyalty than it existed in the past. However, most buyers are still enchanted by titles endorsing their idea of themselves.As some celebrity magazine editorsnote, of course, online is the main cause for the decline in celeb weekly sales, however, the market isn’t dead. So, what should editors focus on?

·         Pack the mag with fascinating features, interviews from celebs, investigations, observation, lifestyle, and nostalgic pieces.

·         Offer something completely different and unique. Avoid the same old uninspiring questions. Bring a fresh air into your content.

·         Feature stunning photography, whichwill both encourage readers to buy a copy of the magazineand stick with it. Also, it’ll help readers differentiate your titles from all the others.

·         Don’t promote your main interviews online. Include the latest news on the website. It should complement what’s in the mag. Readers should find totally different content in the mag. This will give them reason buy your mag.

·         Think of clever ways of presenting catchy content. Focus on clever design, engaging writing, as well as fresh and interesting faces.

Print titles have to be strong on every platform. Modern journalists should be multi-talented storytellers who’re able to bring their words to life in a way that’snot merely words.So, use the values that made magazines great in the past while focusing on what’ll make them great in the future.


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