Are you a hysterical?


Would you choose to wear something red to help change your luck and brighten your mood?

  1. Red boots
  2. Red purse
  3. Red coat
  4. Red underwear

Test results:

A. You are quick and decisive. You’re used to working alone and try not to ask for help. This makes your life simple and less susceptible to others. Most of the time things are under your control. Your hysteria rating is 33.

B. You are a man of principle. If someone tries to provoke you, it’s asking for trouble. Because you’ll get revenge if you get the chance. You think people should respect each other, and you ask yourself to do the same. Because of your sense of justice, your hysteria rating is 82.

C. You are a very individual person. It’s hard for others to discern your temperament. You are so subjective that you can’t even tell yourself. You think highly of yourself, take care of your image at all times, and don’t get angry in public. Your hysteria rating is under 45.

D. You’re simple and will believe everything people say. You have a warm and kind personality and can be fooled by false information. Your hysteria rating is 68.