Hosting a NYE Party? Tips for Avoiding a Personal Injury


Out of all the possible venues to ring in the new year, home is where the heart is more often than not. Throwing your own NYE party for close family, friends, and even co-workers sounds like a wonderful concept, and it can be a huge success if planned correctly. But a serious trip and fall accident could take the wind right out of everyone’s sails. Moreover, it can cause you to need a Michigan personal injury lawyer. Fortunately, there are some simple tips to help you and your guests avoid personal injury chaos so the celebration can continue through the night.

Turn Up the Lights

Dim lighting may set a certain mood, but it can also lead to hazardous consequences. Running into people, household items, and slipping on wet or uneven surfaces can ruin the fun quickly. This can become a domino effect when alcohol is involved. Be especially vigilant when it comes to outdoor lighting, so guests can easily maneuver steps and other walkways when arriving and leaving the premises.

Stow the Pets Safely Away

Almost 70% of American households have pets, accounting for almost 185 million cats and dogs nationwide. It’s important to realize, however, that those holiday lights, sounds, smells, and activities play havoc with your fur babies senses. They’re animals first and anxiety is bound to happen. Unfortunately, that can result in aggressive behavior or even simply unexpected trip and fall incidents. Avoid the trouble and keep everyone safe and happy by giving your pets their own room or even treat them to a pet hotel for the night.

Get Rid of Or Keep Up on the Snow and Ice

Midwestern winters can be brutal, and snow is just the beginning. Personal ice rinks often remain beneath blankets of the fluffy white stuff. If you want to risk your own safety, that’s your call. But if others slip and get hurt on your property due to lack of clearing, you can be legally liable for their pain and suffering. Create a clear path from all parking places, walkways, stairs, and sidewalks so everyone can ring in the new year on a positive note.

Remove Any Hazards That Can Lead to a Trip and Fall Accident

Accidents can occur anywhere on your property and yes, you are liable if they occur. Remove anything that can create such hazards. This can include blown over furniture or a snowblower in the yard. Throw rugs are among the most common cause of trip and fall accidents inside the home, so replace them with traction mats. Remove random shoes, toys, loose cords, and clean up wet floors as soon as possible to avoid slipping catastrophes.

Keep Tabs on the Booze

Your guests and loved ones’ safety should always be a priority, so consider keeping the booze at a minimum or at least keeping tabs on it. Inform guests that their keys will be claimed upon entering your home and returned upon sobriety confirmation. Offer sleeping arrangements or confirm transportation or rideshare options to get them home safely. And monitor the younger guests because while 18-year-olds can legally handle wine or spirits, anyone under the age of 21 caught drinking and driving can be arrested and charged with a DUI. Following the above tips can help ensure everyone rings in the New Year right without needing a Michigan personal injury attorney.