A definitive guide to automobile batteries


Hardly anything is more frustrating than settling in your car, all set for getting home following a day of hectic work, just to understand that the battery of your car is dead. Read this article. This article offers a fast guide to the batteries in your car.

What’s a car battery?

A car battery is best described as a battery that is rechargeable and supplies electrical power to a car.

What is the work of the car battery?

The key reason for the car battery is for starting the car. Whenever the engine’s idle, the source of the whole power is the battery. When the engine has started the alternator supplies the electrical energy.


The alternator is basically a generator and its job is to convert mechanical energy into electrical power. At any time that your engine has started to run, it’s the alternator that charges the car battery and supplies further electrical power.

  • Whenever the engine isn’t running, the car battery is going to give a reading of 12.6 volts when it’s fully charged.
  • Whenever the engine’s running the car battery will give a reading of between 13.7 and 14.7 volts. The reason is that the alternator’s generating power & recharging your car battery.

What is the location of my car battery?

In a good number of cars, you will find the battery at the front. In numerous BMW’s, it’s within the trunk. There are a number of newer cars that have the battery beneath the seat. You are advised to look up your owner’s manual on being unsure.

The time for which the car battery will last

A good number of batteries are going to have a stamp on top of them and till will tell you the manufacturing date of the battery in month and year. This is going to give you an idea about when you must replace it. The batteries of Cars and trucks normally last between three and six years.

It is very likely that you must replace your car battery on one or two occasions for the time that you use your car. The reasons are that it ages or wears out due to recurring charging and discharging. You can get quality batteries at reasonable rates at Auto-Doc.pt.

The indications of a car battery that is bad or dead

A battery that demonstrates marks of acid leakage or corrosion accumulation over the terminals can indicate that it’s beginning to fail.

You can use a multimeter for checking the voltage of your car battery with your car engine turned off. A reading that is less than 11.8 volts is a likely indication of a bad or failing battery.

You are among the lucky few if your car battery shows indications of dying. However, most will experience it one day when it will not start. In such a situation, you will possibly need a jump start for reaching home or reaching a store for auto parts.

Purchasing car batteries

Never purchase batteries that have been lying on the shelf for over six months. Check the date stamp code for knowing a battery’s manufacturing date.

Is your car battery covered by warranty?

Every battery is covered under its manufacturer’s warranty. The price of a car battery will generally rise for more extended free replacement time.

The warranty of a battery is gauged in a couple of figures, which are its free replacement time and the prorated time. The latter allows partial reimbursement.